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2020 year of the Metal Rat

As regular readers will know, the first article of the year takes a light-hearted approach to the year ahead from the prism of the Chinese Zodiac. This year on January 25th we enter the year of the Metal Rat and it looks to be quite a dynamic year…

So as we dust off the year just past, where the Earth Pig brought to the world and many personally, the culmination of the last 12 years of hard work. Many of us finalised long term projects, having a good look at where we have been and how far we have come in our lives and looking to shaking off the dust from dreams tucked away due to all the pressures of life.

Now we can move on. The Rat is the first animal of 12 in the Chinese Zodiac and it is said that when Buddha invited all the animals of the kingdom to a party, the rat was the first to show! Not surprisingly then, the Rat loves to party, is quite social and likes to be at the forefront…always a little ahead of the rest of us. And so this year is all about new beginnings, fresh starts and new opportunities. Thinking of moving home, starting a new business or launching a new career? This is the year. However, as the rat is also very meticulous, planning is vital if you want to succeed.

Perseverance, determination and thoroughness is vital as well as passion to set out and create your own vision. Being the first of the next 12 year cycle, decisions made this year can influence the next 12 years so think clearly and check your back shed for all you have stashed away. The Rat being an excellent hoarder encourages us to look to the future but also check our stashes, there may be gems we have hidden away that will come in handy this year, literally and metaphorically.

Metal is the element of this year and it brings the energy of rigidity, but can in the right conditions be moulded and allow the flow of emotions (water) and the Rat being a natural water sign needs to have clear focus and determination to keep the flow of this year in perspective. The colours white, silver, grey(metal) blue and black (water) are lucky for this year ahead.

If you are a Rat (1948,1960,84,96) this is the year to look within and make the changes you need to make to improve your future. Waiting for ‘good things to happen’ is not the path this year, it’s very much about lifting your game and actively working towards a better future.

Globally the year will be challenging as new ideas of Utopian futures compete, nations continue to become more nationalistic and separatist, competing for a greater slice of the shrinking pie. This is coupled with the changing environment both politically and environmentally where the realisation of the finite nature of our outsources will no longer able to be denied. Technology continues to enter into increasing aspects of our lives with these tools helping us feel more connected globally. In turn however it can exacerbate our differences as we navigate this rapidly changing brave new world, so taking time out from this world wide web and getting back to nature is vital to survive the year.

Passion and new beginnings are favourable for lovers this year. Also, while the Rat is a very social creature the Metal aspect can be quite isolating, leaving one feeling lonely, even in a crowd. Remember how you are loved in these times and nurture your individuality. Look well at what you want out of life over the next 12 year cycle.

This quote from James Allen sums the year up perfectly ~

Cherish your visions, your ideals, the music that stirs in your heart. If you remain true to them, your world at last will be built

All the best for 2020

Dr Angela Palmer

Chinese Medicine.

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