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2023 - The year of the Rabbit

Happy New Year of the Yin Water Rabbit and heck do we need some fluffy soft calm after a rather intense Tiger year full of roaring and extremes. Indeed; a tiger cannot change its stripes and we saw the true natures of many institutions, governments and structures tested last year and many were left exposed. The Tiger is a solitary combative animal and this year as we move into Rabbit energy, expect a stronger sense of community, working together for the greater whole and lots of hugging. Rabbits after all are affectionate, pro-creative in all the ways and sensitive; so a good year to get close and intimate and help each other through the peaks and troughs of life.

Just a note on Chinese Astrology, unlike Western Astrology, it is not predictive and does not follow the planetary alignments as such, but looks more at the ‘climate’ or flow/feel of the year, depending on the animal sign that you correspond to, according to your year of birth (look up Chinese zodiac online to find your animal). They follow 12 a year cycle based on Jupiter’s 12 year journey around the sun. This year it begins on the 22nd January.

The image for this year is the rabbit cautiously emerging from its burrow to find the grass is green and sun is out, the world after all its fears, is still a beautiful place. So nibble that juicy grass, hang out with your mates and keep your eye out for danger… just in case.

Other attributes of the Rabbit include abundance, creativity, escapism (caution regarding over use of self-soothing pharmaceuticals/substances) and victim mentality. The Rabbit imbues grace, good manners, fine food and clothes, sound advice and kindness. Remember put your hand out for your friends that have fallen down the rabbit hole. Time to come play again and create good connections. Travel and starting a new business are all favoured this year as well as child birth for those feeling in the family way… of course the Rabbit has always symbolised fertility.

The Rabbit year is ruled by Neptune (that also rules Pisces) that resonates with spiritual wisdom, sacrifice, compassion, creativeness and visionary as well as delving into the nature of what makes us human thus is very introspective. The last few years have shaken many of us up with what is important in life, and this year we will be inspired to look deeper into our subconscious.

Finances should begin to flow with bartering and shared economic models favoured. Working together is very big this year, with caution paid to any dangling carrots.. if something looks too good to be true… it probably is.

Eat healthy, lots of fresh greens and veggies, play calming music and meditation will help soothe against feeling overwhelmed, easily startled or falling into negative thought patterns. Open your hearts and smile and feel love for the world and all those that inhabit it.

Feel connected and have a wonderful 2023.

Dr Angela Palmer

Chinese Medicine


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