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Ageing is, to put it most simply, it dehydration and lack of blood, Qi and nutrients nourishing the skin. And although I do believe that the lines on our faces add character and tell the complex story of our lives, no one wants to look ‘old before their time’ and the Orient, same as all other cultures have looked to ways of keeping skin youthful and supple. This month I will share some of those secrets with you all, just for fun and good health.

What we apply to our skin externally is only part of the picture. The most important aspect of healthy skin is what we put in our mouths. Skin is nourished from the inside out via maintaining micro circulation to every cell and thus giving our skin the nutrients it needs to be healthy and vibrant. Food that assist the skin are generally high in anti-oxidants and high in specific oils such as linolenic acid, essential fatty acids, retinol and minerals. Our skin needs specific oils to prevent dehydration while minerals are essential such as collagen and keratin to hold elasticity and ‘integrity’.

Most whole, fresh foods (not dead processed foods) contain good nutrients however these foods are particularly high in specific nutrients that have been passed down over generations and have been analysed for their nutrient value and confirm the high regard in which they are held. These foods include Pine nuts, Walnuts (good for libido and brain function too), Gou Ji Berries, Chia seeds, peanuts, Black sesame (we now stock Black sesame Tahini…amazing), Chinese Dates, cherries and honey. Honey is of course great inside and out and can be mixed with oats, avocado and almond meal for a fabulous skin scrub/mask that you will feel the difference! All these above foods are considered anti-wrinkle foods and best eating some of them each day. Try Chia seeds walnuts and Gou Ji berries in your porridge or muesli, peanut butter and banana with honey and tahini (a personal favourite) or walnuts are just a great snack as are other nuts for good essential fatty acids.

Keep your water levels up and detoxify with Green tea. It’s full of anti-oxidants, polyphenols, Vitamin E and C and it clears toxins from the liver and skin, assists stress relief (important for anti-ageing) which is why it is in many skin care products. Seaweeds are also clearing and cleansing and is also great for your thyroid that has a huge effect on your skin tone.

Acupuncture is also amazing for you face. Works as well as botox but effects are accumulative over time and longer lasting. A typical Acupuncture rejuvenation treatment includes a massage with essential oils, the dermal rolling with a Jade Roller (pictured above) and some light Gu Sha to iron out deeper creases. Then very fine acupuncture needles are used very lightly and the results are great. For more information give the clinic a call for a lock down personal lift.

And remember worry ages you too and depresses the immune system. Trying to clear your mind and meditate/focus on thoughts that bring joy each day with lighten your furrowed brow. We cannot change the world but we can affect our own universe.

Keep safe, Until next time

Dr Angela Palmer TCM

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