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2024 The Year of the Green Wood Dragon!

Close your eyes, and think of a Dragon. What do you see? Amazing it is that a creature that is mythical has a place in almost every culture and every continent on this planet. From the great Welsh Dragons that were battled by Knights in shining armour, the Rainbow Serpent that wove the dreamtime to the Fiery Dragons of China. It is also the only creature of the Chinese Zodiac that is mythological and thus there is a magical element to this creature that draws our attention. This year of the Green Wood Dragon will begin on 10th February 2024 and go to Jan 28th 2025, and with the flourish of growth with that wood element and the fire of the dragons breath, prepare for big changes the we prepare for transformation, innovation, regeneration and fantastical realities.

At the beginning of each year, I take a month off practical physical health focus of my column to present an over view of the year of the Chinese Zodiac.

Just a note on Chinese Astrology, unlike Western Astrology, it is not predictive and does not follow the planetary alignments as such, but looks more at the ‘climate’ or flow/feel of the year, depending on the animal sign that you correspond to, according to your year of birth (look up Chinese zodiac online to find your animal). They follow 12 a year cycle based on Jupiter’s 12 year journey around the sun.

Dragon years of past have been times of great change, especially on the ideological front. In past Dragon years we saw the Korean war break out (1952), and later the Vietnam war was triggered (1964). Both with Communism vs Capitalism strongly ideologically driven resulted in many years of conflict. Vladamir Putin was born in a Dragon year, came to power in a dragon year and gained Presidency for an extra 6 years in a dragon year. Evident that pride, stubbornness, ambition cunning with a touch of vainglorious are prominent in a dragon year. Lucky we cannot poison and banish our opposition to remote Artic Gulags to get rid of them… we need to therefore look at how we can prepare for what will most definitely be a dynamic year.

Clear the clutter is a good step. Feng Shi, the art of flow in a home or business to ensure a good flow of Qi, looks at clutter and placement of furniture and objects to maximise calm, concentration and a harmonious family home. The image you can use is of a Chinese Dragon flowing through your home. Is the flow clunky? Or can you move around the place and feel content at the things you own and where they are. As the new year begins use it as a time to achieve some balance in your living space.

This Dragon year will be quite a transformative one, as we also have Pluto, the planet of the masses and dredging up any false illusions moving into Aquaruis for the next 20 years, while this year we also have Aries that rules the Dragon (it’s planet being Mars the fire planet) and as one astrologer put it “soul growth through painful experiences’ as the Dragon will burn down our false illusions of ourselves and the world we live in, and like a volcano eruption, leave in its wake the fertile soil will provide the new growth that the wood element will lend to rebuild on more solid foundations.

Technology will really take off in a ‘you ain’t seen nothing yet’ way thanks to all that magical energy, so take very seriously your cyber security and plan for new ways of doing so many things. Interestingly the work Dragon comes from ‘draconta’ which means to guard or to watch over’, so depending on your personal sign, there will be prosperity for many this year but plan ahead, write down some goals you’d like to achieve and see if a little Dragon magic will help you along. Innovation, working towards something and creativity all are favoured this year.

Festivities are important so make time to party and have fun. Open up your world to new experiences and try something new. Wood loves to grow and let your inner ambition drive you beyond your comfort zone to greater adventures. Try to stay optimistic, all we can do sometimes when all is said and done is to love our families, friends and communities. The Dragon is more of a loner than the Rabbit year just gone, so make sure you stay connected.

Socially, and environmentally we are together working towards great harmony and cohesion as we grow as a humanity. As my Dad used to say ‘God gave you two ears, two eyes and only one mouth, to listen and look twice as much as you speak’.

The more we share our feelings and experiences and really listen to the experience of others, the more magic the Dragon will bless us with!

Until next time

Have a Magical year!

Dr Angela Palmer

Chinese Medicine

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