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Feature Product - Norfolk Punch

Norfolk Punch is a healthy, non-alcoholic herbal drink first made by the Benedictine Monks of Welle Manor in the Fenlands of Western Norfolk at least 700 years ago, who believed Norfolk Punch was “nature’s answer to tenseness, tiredness, and lowness of spirits”. Original Norfolk Punch is still made to the authentic monastic recipe of over 30 herbs, berries and spices creating a unique taste to be enjoyed by all.

Norfolk Punch is available at Kinglake Chinese Medicine

Norfolk Punch contains dark brown sugar, honey and lemon juice together with subtle infusions, distillations and decoctions of 30 herbs, berries and spices including:

Alder – Burns & inflammations.

Alehoof – Panacea or cure-all. (eg: indigestion, headaches, sinus infections, sore throats and fevers.)

Angelica – Coughs, colds, appetite stimulant, indigestion, warming herb for those who feel the cold.

Bay – Migraine headaches.

Chamomile – Calming, helps with stress, anxiety & insomnia, soothes digestion, period pains.

Caraway – Relieves indigestion, stomach aches, wind & bloating.

Cinnamon – Helps stop vomiting, relieves flatulence, fends off colds, may help regulate blood sugar.

Clove – Relieves nausea, indigestion, toothache and has mild antiseptic properties.

Daisy – Coughs & catarrh, bronchitis & sinusitis.

Dandelion – Natural diuretic, helps with liver problems. High in potassium and other vitamins & minerals so good all-round tonic.

Dock – All round tonic and conditioner for the blood. Constipation, jaundice.

Elderberry + Elderflower – Fevers, coughs, colds & bronchitis, mild laxative.

Fennel – Aids digestion, helps prevent heartburn and constipation. Stills pangs of hunger. Freshens breath.

Feverfew – The ‘migraine herb’. Fevers & other aches and pains.

Ginger – Nausea caused by travel sickness, morning sickness. Colds & flu.

Grapeskin – Contains reseveratrol-Lowers risk of heart disease. Anti-inflammatory, anti-coagulant, antioxidant.

Hops – Sedative, assists anxiety and digestive problems.

Lemon Balm – Calming, relaxing, promotes sleep. Assists memory function.

Lime Flower + Lime Leaf – Infusions for indigestion, hypertension, feverish colds & flu.

Liquorice – Anti-inflammatory, decongestant, coughs & colds, mild laxative, IBS.

Meadowsweet – Indigestion, heartburn, mild analgesic.

Nutmeg – Coughs and ailments of the digestive system.

Peppermint – Indigestion, colic, helps control nausea & vomiting. Freshens breath.

Poppy – Mild pain such as earache, toothache, neuralgia. Coughs, insomnia, poor digestion.

Rosemary – ‘Herb of remembrance’, aid to concentration & memory. Anxiety & mild depression.

Samphire – Aids digestion. Diuretic.

Thyme – Mild antiseptic and expectorant for coughs, colds & throat /gum infections.

Vervain – Cure all. Indigestion, insomnia, mild depression, hot flushes. Mild analgesic, headaches, colds.

Sources of information:

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