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The Year of the Yin Metal Ox

To begin this new year I take a look at the year ahead from the lens of the Chinese Zodiac. Well the rat proved to be quite the year, and looking back over last years ‘Metal Rat’ column, it was a bit spooky (you can find it here) . I mentioned how the rat loves socialising, however the metal can be restrictive so we may end up feeling lonely, ‘even in a crowd’ and to nurture your dreams during these difficult times, and the importance of family. Indeed it was all these things and more. For many last year stripped all that we took for granted and forced us to look inward at what we find most important in life.

This new year of the Yin Metal Ox will have us doing much the same, without the frenetic energy of the Rat. Just a note on Chinese Astrology, unlike Western Astrology, it is not predictive and does not follow the planetary alignments but looks more at the ‘climate’ or flow/feel of the year, depending on the animal sign that you correspond to, according to your year of birth (look up Chinese zodiac online to find your animal). They follow 12 a year cycle based on Jupiter’s 12 year journey around the sun. Thus some animals fare better in this Ox year than others, never-the-less there are general Qi aspects with each sign that gives each year it’s flavour.

Thinking of the Ox, one thinks of the steadfast, strong beast that ploughs the soil in readiness for planting new crops. It does not hurry but never gives up, ploughing on in all conditions to achieve it’s task. This year is going to be much like that, a slow and steady pace to recovery from a turbulent year, though not without it’s own dramas, the Ox bears the burden with calm assurance and a dependable direct nature. Favouring tradition and stability, this year could bring a yearning for more familiar ways … seeking comfort in the ‘tried and true’.

In this Ox year being in the present is essential, putting your energy into your home, work and relationships, growing and nurturing with patience, not racing toward an unknown future. Other Zodiac signs that are more impatient may find the pace frustrating but be mindful that this year things will happen in their own good time … don’t push it.

A year to improve on skills that were begun in the Rat year, or even refining existing skills in a trade or profession through continued learning and study. The Rat was a year of beginnings (and therefore in many cases endings) but this is a year to examine what motivates you; what is your purpose here on this planet? Interestingly the “Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter” in 0 deg Aquarius on the 21st December last year also has that similar lesson at heart.

Now to the metal aspect, metal is shiny and money is represented, and the Ox can give a slow and steady boost to the economy which will benefit most. But be cautious with what you spend it on this year. This is not a year to impulse buy, but more a year of taking stock and consolidating. A year of ‘values over profits’; and to ponder deeply our life goals.

The Metal Yin aspect of this Ox year is a little trickier, metal is shiny and can be a glittering distraction. This may end up a year of ‘spin’ in the political sphere with a fair bit of finger pointing and blame-game going on. While attempts to change the world may be hampered, the Chinese saying “Lazy friends take care of each other” applies this year so corruption will continue to be significant as large corporations ensure each other are looked after.

So a good year to focus on your community, and taking your time. Enjoying the beauty and power of the Earth. In the words of John Lennon “There’s nowhere you can be that isn’t where you are meant to be”.

Have a good year

Dr Angela Palmer

Chinese Medicine


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