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“I am a master of inconsistency;

I raise doubt for all to question

I am eager to take the stage;

Even play the devils advocate.

I back down from nothing,

Scorn those who fear the unknown.

I Play to win, enjoying my victories,

And revel in being royal and untouchable.

I invite all to join my triumphs,

Just to taste victory not devour it…

I am powerful, unpredictable and protective

I am the Tiger. (AstroClub)

Once again, the first article of the year I present a light-hearted look into the upcoming Chinese Zodiac year, this year beginning of the new moon of 1st February, the year of the Yang wood Tiger. The Tiger is powerful and watchful, intelligent and brave yet conservative.

Wood loves to grow and with the Yang water element dominant this year, as wood is nourished by water, it’s bound to be a year of shifting sands, extremes and big changes.

The last 3 years have been Yin (check out last years article here, it was indeed a very Oxen year) so as we shift to a Yang year expect more movement and with the restless Tiger energy, the desire to get out and about and seek new horizons. The confinement we have endured has been difficult for many, and the Tiger will strengthen the drive to take our lives and power back and move forward.

No too fast though! The Tiger is also very cautious and lies in wait, watchful until it is certain it’s strike is sure to catch it’s prey. Use that conservative energy to examine before you leap and remember that camouflage can be helpful as you asses and analyse your next steps.

Just a note on Chinese Astrology, unlike Western Astrology, it is not predictive and does not follow the planetary alignments as such, but looks more at the ‘climate’ or flow/feel of the year, depending on the animal sign that you correspond to, according to your year of birth (look up Chinese zodiac online to find your animal). They follow 12 a year cycle based on Jupiter’s 12 year journey around the sun.

The image I get for this year is one of my Tiger striped cat lying on his back in the sun, outstretched, and magnetic -like it’s hard not to give that white fluffy tummy a pat. Which of course he lets you for a little while, but let your guard down and suddenly your in his clutches and cannot escape! ‘Fortune favours the brave’ is a good theme of the year as the Tiger face their fears, we would do well to also do so with caution, intelligence and wisdom.

It’s good to get creative this year, focus on our talents to re-ignite passion into your life and to assert yourself in a colourful way. Don’t get caught up with petty issues and circular arguments, these will only knock you off your course. Asses and be patient, your time to move will come.

A year of extremes, it seems the shifting waters stirred up by all the Yang will keep us all on our toes, so be adaptable and flexible as well as taking a regular media break as the swirling extremes may get over-whelming.

Above all have a safe and happy New year and let the Tiger roar!

Until next time

Stay well

Dr Angela Palmer

Kinglake Chinese Medicine

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