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Last month in SBS Insight, the question was posed, ‘When Allopathic (modern medicine) medicine fails, can traditional medicines like Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic or Naturopathy help? Calls for more regulation of natural therapies.” Discussion included many aspects of natural therapies and high-lighted that Australians are one of the world biggest users of natural therapies. It also discussed how many European countries such as Sweden, The Netherlands as well as most of Asia integrate traditional therapies along-side modern allopathic medicine with fabulous results. So why don’t we?

Well, in our case we actually do. Chinese Medicine is a registered health profession in this country, and is regulated by AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioner Registration Authority. Practitioners are also registered with our Professional Association, which sets standards and requirements for annual ongoing training and private health. It is a common misconception that when faced with an illness people need to choose between Western medicine and an alternative therapy such as Traditional Chinese Medicine but the two are not necessarily mutually exclusive. From my experience in the integrated hospital system in China where I served my internship, and my subsequent experiences in practice, I have found the ‘us’ versus ‘them’ paradigm unhelpful. It was incredible to see first-hand the integration of Acupuncture, herbal medicines and medical diagnosis and treatment used to the benefit of each patient and this approach is firmly part of our mission at our clinic.

At your first appointment, it is helpful to bring any blood test or x-rays results so that the Chinese Medicine Doctor can assess these along with our own diagnostic techniques of pulse taking, diet assessment, discussions and possible tongue examination. We then apply massage, cupping, acupuncture and often moxibustion (warming with a warming cigar-like herb) in the aim if alleviating pain, moving blood and Qi (electrical flow) and dispersing ‘blocks’ in your system that can lead to discomfort, emotional or physical.

For instance, as mentioned on Insight, there is no current conventional treatment for Long-Covid. However, the symptoms for Long-Covid such as fatigue, foggy headedness, reduced smell or taste or muscle weakness are symptoms that often respond well to Chinese Medicine and may be useful in these cases. In the treatment of serious illness such as cancer, along side important medical treatments, Chinese medicine is very well researched and shows good results in treating side effects to chemotherapy such as nausea, fatigue, poor digestion and assist in blood cell recovery.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to also welcome a new doctor to our clinic, Dr Emma Scriven. Dr Emma has had 15 years-experience in natural therapies and has a very hands-on approach to healing. Dr Emma is known for her gentle style and works with the nervous system to provide deep relaxation in her treatments. Her passion also includes the treatment of anxiety, depression and PTSD. We are very happy to have her working along-side Dr Lisa Schaeffer and myself (Dr Angela Palmer) to assist you on your healing journey.

Until next time, Stay well.

Dr Angela Palmer TCM.


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